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Wish you could attract more of the "right" clients? 

It' hard to find the right clients or customers that will help your business grow and flourish.

Professional Photography and Personal Branding can help you find and connect you with your perfect customers! Professional Photos will create a meaningful and memorable first impression that will leave your audience and future customers wanting more!

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More than just headshots and more representative of you, your business and your brand.  Bringing an authentic connection to your audience with an intentional custom image library that can be a combination of your stories, behind the scenes, your business and your message you want to present to the world.


For an individual, aspiring actor or model or for a whole team, headshots are a snapshot for your profile, social media or even a book cover.


Whether you are a solopreneur, small family-owned business or a massive corporate company, having group shots made illustrates teamwork with your valued staff members


Looking to update your retail site with fresh or new products or need stock images for your content on your website and social?  These focused and intentional images can help attract more sales and more buyers with more engagement to your shop site or social media feed, thus building your brand empire.

Great photos help you stand out and get noticed, building your brand's credibility. 

What is Branding Photography?

Brand or personal brand photography is a visual marketing tool for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Personal brands evolve around individuals, their stories, brand awareness showing unique traits or personality, not just their products. 


Why is Brand Photography Important?


Personal brand photography is a showcase and an opportunity for your target audience to get to know you, your business and brand, usually through social media, website, in advertisements or in marketing materials.  Any place the clients wants to market their business and truly connect to their buyers, they need quality imagery.

How I Can Help With Your Brand Photos

As a brand and product photographer, I help small local entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to invest in saving time, elevate their brand awareness, and sell more with providing them a library of curated and custom-tailored brand and product images to use on their social media, website and other materials.


Hi! I'm Karen.

It's nice to e-meet you!

I love photography.  If I'm not behind my camera or in front of the computer, you will find me "momming it" to the baseball diamond, hockey rink or taekwondo dojang.  I am kept on my toes that’s for sure!

I am inspired when I am able to capture people telling their stories, and living their dreams. I am in my element when I am able to candidly capture the person behind the brand - telling their story through pictures. 


We take all the stress out of your branding, headshot, and product photography. Our goal is to get to know you, your brand, and your story so we can help you let your personality shine through on shoot day. 


Getting to Know One Another 

Once you’ve confirmed your session, I will provide you with a questionnaire to get to know you and your brand better.  We’ll also book a consultation to go over ideas and materials. This meeting lets us plan how best to highlight your brand in photos, along with all the details. We will set up a shared mood board to help develop a shot list.  I’ll also check in with you via email or text to ensure everything goes smoothly.


During Your Session

The session will focus on your shot list and activities you do every day in your business. You may do these actions a few times for the perfect result.  There will likely be outfit changes, providing that is in our plan.  By no means is the session isn’t set in stone, and we may make minor adjustments as creative juices flow.


After Your Session

We can have a coffee date during our ordering session set up around 2 weeks after your shoot.  Between your shoot and ordering session, I’ll cull and edit all your photos. During the ordering session, you’ll pick out the digital negatives you want and any other products you’d like.



"She made my shoot a great experience"

"I really enjoyed working with Karen Mak Studios. Karen is highly skilled and professional and her approach is fun and welcoming. She made my photoshoot a great experience. "


~ Susan Crawford

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