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"Photography isn't capturing what something looks like - it's capturing a moment in time, a feeling, or a story"



So excited you are here!

I’m happy to e-meet you. I wanted to share a little about myself, how I got into photography, and why I love my job, so ultimately, you’re more comfortable working with me.


I play a lot of different roles in my day to day life, as I’m sure you do too. From being an active parent to trying to keep my garden growing, I’ve always got something to do.   I enjoy travelling, watching movies, listening to kickin' music with my family.  If I'm not behind my camera or in front of the computer, you will find me "momming it" to the baseball diamond, hockey rink or taekwondo dojang.  I am kept on my toes that’s for sure.

I found my purpose and passion through photography

I started my photography adventure with my dad, as a kid.  He taught me to use my first camera, a Minolta X700 film camera, and to develop film in the dark room with him.  My passion for photography grew, and loved "snapping" and spending time with Dad.


Having worked many years in the corporate world, I always came back to photography.  I fell more and more in love with photography as I worked, and eventually figured out that capturing people and their stories was the most fun for me.

If you are looking for headshots, personal branding photos to showcase you and your brand, or product or flatlay photography, I can help. 



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