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Melissa Chito is a Milton based female entrepreneur who is the founder of Sweet P Marketing & Design Inc. Helping Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs create beautiful brands that stand out and get noticed to grow their business is her passion and purpose in life. She loves working with clients to create memorable brand experiences across all channels and platforms, including logo design, web design, social media design, and print. She understands the importance of value of creating a consistent brand experience - which also includes her personal branding. Her journey with Karen Mak started with an opportunity to update her branding photos and have some fun around Milton.


More than headshots

Melissa was in need of updated photos that reflected her style and personality. She wanted her photos to include her personality and stand out. She loves Milton and many of her clients are based in Milton, so it was important to her to stay local and do her shoot around town.  She wanted more than just a headshot. She wanted photos that would let her personality shine through to help attract and connect with her ideal clients. 


Personality + Passion

Sweet P is a brand that is all about being real and authentic. Yes professional headshots are always an important brand asset, but it was important for Melissa and Sweet P to capture her fun and silly personality too - she works hard but likes to keep life fun for balance. Her goal is building lasting partnerships with clients to provide them with the very best service and results they deserve for their business and brand. 

"I loved that Karen captured the heart of my brand"

Capturing my personality for my photos was very important to me. As the face of my brand Sweet P, I wanted to share my quirky personality, and Karen made the entire session feel natural and helped bring out that in me. I love the candid photos she captured. Thank you Karen for a fun day that was filled with laughs and beautiful photos! Karen went above and beyond to also scout out locations that had complementary colours to match my branding for Sweet P. I couldn't be happier with the photos and am so excited for our next shoot! 

~ Melissa

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